This is a timeline of events happened in Legal Design. To start getting to know more about that discipline, we purposely picked events and resources that we felt were interesting to highlight.
There are other events to refer to, so we will update this timeline as much as possible in the future.

VIII century Inbreeding trees :

In the Middle Age, it was the first manifestation of what is called ''data visualization'', applied to law.
These are visuals that made it possible to record and archive the links between people and therefore to better govern questions of union, filitation, inheritance.
We speak of a kinship tree or arbor juris.

Middle Age ''La traille de la cathédrale Saint Lambert de Liège :''

Within a cathedral, a work of iron serving as a gate that allows the passage of the hand and the consultation of the writings it contains. There are texts governing public life.

1849 Journal of design and manufacture, Sir Henry Cole :

First time that design is theorized by civil servant Sir Henry Cole

1980-90 Design thinking concept - Herbert A. Simon's, Rolf Faste, Robert Mckim, David M.Kelley, Richard Buchanan's

Several researchers in the science wrote about design as a ''way of thinking'' and ''teaching design thinking'' as a method of creative action.

2009 Candy Chang – Street Vendor Guide

The Guide that decodes the rules and regulations for New York’s 10,000 street vendors so they can understand their rights, avoid fines, and earn an honest living.

2013 Legal Design Lab of Stanford :

The Stanford Legal Design Lab was founded in fall 2013 to bring designers, lawyers & technologists together to advance legal innovation and access to justice.

2014 The word Legal Design is popularized
2015 Ideo Voting booth :

A new way to vote for the people of Los Angeles.

2016 Legal Design Summit - Helsinki :

Organized by law firm Dottir and service design firm Hellon. The event, first of its kind, aimed to add design thinking to the practice of law by bringing together international experts in the fields of law, design, and digital services.

Release of the book Law by design - Margaret Hagan
2019 Third edition of Legal Design Summit
2021 Release of the books :
  • Haapio, H. & Passera, S. : Contracts as Interfaces: Visual Representation Patterns in Contract Design.
  • Astrid Kolheimer & Meera Klemola : The Legal design book
  • Marco Imperiale : Legal Design
  • Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci, Helena Haapio, Margaret Hagan, Michael Doherty : Integrating Business, Design and Legal Thinking with Technology